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I'm usually critical of DA but I like the new logo. Most of the people I see criticizing it can't draw and have horrible taste. 
Haven't really been on here in a while except to communicate with people who have commissioned art from me.

A lot of people have turned into creepy wierdos in my absence - one guy asking for nude selfies of girls for his "nude appreciation" group; another drawing fan art of his young "bff"s all the time (different bff every time i check in on him it seems.)

i dont know if it's because these guys are going through puberty at last or what, but it's weird... on art? I mean, actually sit down and put pen to paper (or stylus to tablet)?

Is it a daily activity for you? Or weekly? Or less?

And when you do draw, what is the average duration of a session?…

Finished a lot of line art today...
...So I will.…

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And closed...

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 25, 2012, 9:15 PM
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No longer accepting commissions.

Final chance!!! Commissions close Friday.

In a little over a week I will be doing my annual retreat and won't be back near civilization till the snow melts (mid-February perhaps). If you want to commission me, better get in quick.

***Payment via paypal is preferred.

Here are some examples and price ranges for my work.

Simple sketch, no clean up: US$10 - $15

Legendary Scanner by Gitoku SOHK Tao Fei fan art by Gitoku

Cleaned up sketch: US$15 - $25

JINN by Gitoku New OC by Gitoku

Sketch with colour: US$25 - $35

-SILVERBEARD- by Gitoku The World Warrior by Gitoku

Detailed drawing with cross-hatching: US$35 - $60 (depending on complexity of design)

Nostalgia by Gitoku -SURVEILLANCE- by Gitoku Ahab Re-draw... by Gitoku

I'd prefer to draw your OCs based on your own concept art, but I am willing to negotiate designing stuff for you if you have a description.

I don't mind fan art, but I'm more likely to accept commissions for OCs.

I won't accept any commissions that are racist, homophobic, degrading to women, sexually explicit, etc.

Apart from that, I don't have any major rules or conditions.

Any other questions, leave a comment or note me.

Do you...

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 29, 2012, 3:45 PM
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...keep a kind of scrapbook of images you like for inspiration or reference?

It doesn't need to be a physical scrapbook, it can just be a folder on your hard drive.

Do you think it is important to keep a sort of "source" book of art or images that appeal to you for later reference?

How important, do you think, is the consumption of other people's art to the development of your own (i.e. NOT fan art) art?

Is there a correlation between consumption and creation? If you consume more art, can you become more creative? Or do you become more creative if you consume less?

What do you think?

To do lists...

Journal Entry: Sat May 26, 2012, 7:15 PM
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...get me motivated!

-Finish tattoo design commission for Grace.

-Complete character commission for :icontwent47blue: (FINISHED!)

-PBK front-3/4-side-back views for :iconcaptkiro:

-Collaboration with :iconsmirtouille:

-Complete A-Z of Youkai bestiary.

It has been almost a month since we left the inn. Shortly after we'd decided that we didn't want to return, we were told that the place had been closed, indefinitely. Since then, I've managed to earn three different work contracts with my university in Japanese and Chinese studies, and helped my wife find a new job close by our house. We haven't wasted a second. Last Friday, however, I thought I'd finally cracked under the pressure, and just slept most of the day. But after I woke up, I went for a walk, and the sun was shining, and a series of coincidences occured that made me remember who I was, where I've been, and what I'm aiming for. It was a feeling of "rebirth". Now I just want to finish everything I've started so that I can feel free to focus on the next chapter of my life.

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Recieved this email from the Brooklyn Art Library about my sketchbook (Sketchbook Project 2012):

We just wanted to let you know that Joy H. just viewed your sketchbook at Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago, IL!
Your book has been viewed 1 time so far.
The Brooklyn Art Library Librarian"

Has anyone else who took part in the project had one of these emails yet?
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Premium Membership about to expire...

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 12, 2012, 8:04 PM
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I can't believe how quickly four months flew by. But at the same time I feel like September was a lifetime ago...

I'm not sure that I used my premium membership as well as I could have but I want to thank :icontwent47blue: once again for donating it to me; being able to display my art in a more visually appealing way also made me want to improve my art. Hopefully I have improved...

Recently I have been working on my Skecthbook 2012 project and practicing calligraphy daily so hopefully I can upload something other than photos in the not-too-distant future...

Things to work on in 2012

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 24, 2011, 5:31 AM
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  • Reading: Art, Life and Nature in Japan - Masaharu Anesaki
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All Featured Out...

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 3, 2011, 6:56 AM
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  • Reading: Art, Life and Nature in Japan - Masaharu Anesaki
  • Watching: An Autumn Afternoon
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I think that's all for features for now. Hope it was helpful^^


I have about one month left of my premium membership and want to use it positively.

I've gained over 100 new watchers over the last few weeks and would like to both thank them for their support but also share some work by fellow deviants with them.

If you'd like to be featured, and you have less than 40,000 pageviews, please leave a comment on this journal; I'll pick three of your works that I like and post them here with a link to your profile.

Any takers?


1) :icondhtenshi: has entered this awesome entry to DeviantArt's Deviantwear design battle:

Free your creativity by DHTenshi

Please show him support by voting for it here:…
Just click the "I'd wear that" button.

2) :iconburukutong: is currently taking commissions:…

His artwork style is reminiscent of Tite Kubo with extra chains, zippers and buckle details. Here's some of his work:

blader by burukutong Blackeyes L by burukutong Obethica Megume2 by burukutong Hundred percent RN by burukutong

Before I start, I was featured here:…
If you guys could fave this news, it would be very much appreciated.

So! As I can now post pictures in my journal, I'm going to take this opportunity to feature some artworks from artists on dA whom I've admired over the years and who have also shown me a lot of support in return.

There are a lot of you, so I'm going to add just a few at a time. I'll also keep updating this entry as soon as any forgotten favourites spring to mind.

(I will probably intentionally leave out anyone who has hundreds of thousands of pageviews - they don't really need the feature, I think. Also, please note that these are in no particular order.)

To Paint Forever by DHTenshi J.F. Millet Master Copy by DHTenshi Megaman Tribute Entry by DHTenshi

Autumn by MahaAsh by MahaAsh Allah_God_only knows by MahaAsh


Mature Content

J by CBedford
Messiah by CBedford

Curl by diogenes Wonderland DS by diogenes Sleepy Cat by diogenes

Yoshida Brothers 2010 by OolongCha Same A K I Same by OolongCha Shinkansen: Modern Japan Line by OolongCha

:thumb165237010: :thumb165234629: :thumb203168653:


The Gulley by billywhiz Dancing Skull Mask by billywhiz Lacking by billywhiz

untitled 4 by cbreezy yellow light by cbreezy untitled 3 by cbreezy

Princess by LadyBolet Blue Retro Thing by LadyBolet Nostalgia Filter Revised by LadyBolet

:thumb217608007: :thumb253758521: :thumb252025949:


Shooooowdooooown by Hikapi Luminosity by Hikapi An Invincible Duo by Hikapi


Steampunk Dream by shinsengumi77 Step Like a Dragon by shinsengumi77 Wolves Class Mech paint by shinsengumi77


Lady of the Sunrise by The-Seventh-Gate Day6-Transceding Darkness by The-Seventh-Gate Sometimes.... by The-Seventh-Gate


Ezio for JayTera by UltimateSketchQueen Kobayashi Yuki-Contest Entry- by UltimateSketchQueen Yoruichi - Espada by UltimateSketchQueen


+Girl with flower+ by omladuflema Royal and unknown Cursed by omladuflema +Tokine+ Bleekersx3 by omladuflema


good for your health by rezy16 csenge by rezy16 eszter by rezy16


Evil Fighter by Suuxe Plains Desert Version 2 by Suuxe Diablo 3 Demon Hunter by Suuxe


Sinful Reward by twent47blue Reality
".....In my mind, laying here in the dark, the whole world cease to exist, because all I can see is are my reality...the only world I know..."
Simple Beauty by twent47blue


Beauty has a name 3 by ElDiogo 18th October 2009 The Beauty by ElDiogo Beauty has a name by ElDiogo


Journal Entry: Wed Sep 14, 2011, 10:04 PM
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I'm a lucky guy.

Firstly, I want to thank :icontwent47blue: for not only giving me a premium membership subscription but also selecting me to be the next featured artist on :iconcharacter-designs:. Five of my deviations will be featured in the coming weeks.

Secondly, thank you to :iconnoranfikri: for featuring me in her journal recently. I've gained ten or so new watchers since she posted the journal.

Thirdly, a big thank you to :iconvysse: for not only supporting my work but for actually feeling inspired by my character designs enough to write a piano composition in dedication!

You can listen to the piece here:…

I think I've said it before but I never draw to impress other people. I have my own idea of what I think looks good and try to reach my own standards without pandering to anyone. I want to keep improving whilst staying true to my own artistic sensibilities. But it really means a lot to me when other people like what I do enough to show support for it the way that they have done.

As of this weekend I will be on holiday with the missus so won't be dA at all. After the 25th or so, however, I was thinking that, since I can now post images in my journal, I should use the opportunity to feature some artworks by those who have supported me over the years and to keeping riding this karmic wave as far as possible.

Sound good?

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Thanks to :iconcbedford: I will be taking part in the Sketchbook Project 2012 World Tour:…

My theme is "monochrome", which suits my current aesthetic tastes perfectly, I think. Hopefully I can make a halfway decent sketchbook...

In other news, last week my wife gave me Inoue Takehiko's "Sumi" Vagabond artbook as an anniversary present (we've now been married one year). Here's a little insight into my life:

Me: "Oh, wow! Sumi! You know, I only started looking at this Inoue guy's stuff recently because a couple people on deviantART said that I draw like him."

My wife: "You can't draw like Inoue Takehiko."

Me: "Oh, okay..."

My wife: "Happy anniversary! I hope you enjoy the book!"

It's good to have somebody in your life who keeps you in touch with reality.
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  • Reading: The Doctor's Wife - Ariyoshi Sawako
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  • Drinking: green tea...
My tastes in art and design have really changed recently.

Hopefully it's because I'm developing my own style and sense of what looks good and not because I'm following any current trends.

Something I've noticed is that I am "favourite"-ing a lot more photography than drawings or paintings. And the drawings and paintings that I do like tend to be closer to photos than to comic book pages or animation cells. That doesn't mean I like photo-realistic art, however - I can't really see the point of trying to make a drawing look as much like a photo as possible when we have cameras (unless its just for practice...) - it's just that I'm paying more attention to composition and light and shadow now. I prefer landscape to figurative, photography.

I am really not interested in cartoon- or anime-style drawings anymore unless there is something very distinctive about the style. I think the last animation I actually watched was Evangelion: 2.22 and I didn't watch it for the artwork. Death Note, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, which ever Ghibli movie I last watched - I didn't watch these for the artwork either. I watched them because I liked the stories - they could have all been live-action or CGI or just books for all I care. So, if there was any influence from these, it was only from their stories and not their visual aesthetic.

Have your influences and tastes changed over the years?

Do you try to keep your style fresh by following trends or are you set in your style?